This Adventure is in Beta V0.1

Welcome adventurers!

You have signed up for a game, starring you, with a supporting cast of equally capable and willing adventurers.
Our setting is Faerun and more specifically we begin in the Kingdom of Tethyr. In the southwest of the continent on the sword coast. Situated between the kingdoms of Amn to the north and Calimshan to the south.

This will be an adventure that will be played largely in sync with the standard DnD 5e rule set. The following items are off the top of my head and will seem out of order and poorly formatted.

1.Basic Combat Stuff:
Initiative will be used as normal with a few exceptions. At the beginning of encounters initiative rolls will be made and will be adhered to as normal. exceptions being:
- Familiars will not roll their own initiative as stated in the rulebook. They will share your initiative and take their turn at the same time.
- There will be a time limit placed on your turn during a combat encounter. This will be flexible and at the discretion of the DM(GM). If we have 4-6 characters online and ready to die to the beholder I send at you, The action of the offline character(s) may be voted upon by the group and performed without them. I hope this doesn't become necessary, but in some cases we will SOCK ON without you.

Encounters will arise in a few different ways.
- Planned, mapped out with a grid, semi-scripted encounters
- Planned, mapped out with a grid, non scripted
- Planned, not mapped out. Generally a random encounter in the wild
- Unplanned, not mapped out. generally due to something stupid one of you did.

Some attack rules will be affected depending on the type of encounter and location of the encounter. Will be handled on a case by case basis. If there are questions, always ask

- Depending on how much phat lootz there is to carry. Just be reasonable about it and we won't have a problem.

3. Meta-gaming and min-maxing is discouraged, though likely inevitable to a certain extent. just keep in mind the overuse of either practice may anger the gods. I prefer you don't look up monster stats if it doesn't make sense for you to have the info.
- After defeating an enemy it is understandable to know a bit about them. (HP average, special abilities)
- Having a favored enemy could grant you this information as well.

4. I'm allowing all multiclassing and feats

5. Have fun... or else


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    I have not DM(GM)'d a game like this online before so there will be hiccups and likely some mistakes made. I will direct you to the produce section to grab a banana and peel with it.

    We are all here to have fun and Sock on.
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    Simple Map of the Kingdom of Tethyr
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