Chapter 1: The Caravan



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    around Mid-afternnon you finally reach a point that @Sanguis stops and turns to @Sarippus and there is an understanding in his eyes. The rest of you realize that you're probably close to your destination.
  • Strigiformes ruffles his feathers, then does it again.

    Proclus understands. This is the same cave that Strigiformes found earlier.
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    Are there any of us who want to go take a peek around to see what we're working with?

    I am not very sneaky, but think it would be best to get a lay of the land in case we need an exit strategy.
  • Storm wrote: »
    Proclus wrote: »
    Storm, would you accept a blessing from Eldath?


    Proclus hesitates, unsure of how to respond. The rogue seems casual and dismissive instead of grateful and eager for the blessing. Is it pride? Is that why he never expressed thanks to those who saved his life?

    Proclus shrugs and plops his hand on the rogue's head. Eldath will decide.
  • Sanguis and I are ready to be a part of the scouting party.
  • *Sarippus, Laz, Strig, and Sanguis all stealthily head toward the cave entrance, taking care to not be seen and to be as careful as possible*
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    The scouting party ( @Sarippus @Sanguis @Laz @Stringformes @Storm ) approaches the cave to see what the situation is. There appear to be only two goblin guards so tired and bored that they are practically falling asleep on their spears. The opening to the cave, roughly 20ft wide and 40ft high, the two guards around a campfire roughly 10ft in front of the entrance and directly in the middle of it. The gaping cave opening is in a sheer rock face 100ft high and extending beyond view.

    Torches line the walls inside as far as you can see and the short time you spend watching there appear to be patrols every few minutes. The goblins here wear a strange tunic with a bell emblazoned onto the front.

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    Move into the mouth of the cave
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    Checking for trip wires
  • Remember his pouch of stones, Proclus repeats the process of holding each one in his hands until light leaks out before returning it to the pouch.

    He steps to the far side of a low thicket, but still in sight of the cave. At next glance, he seems to be gone.
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    @Storm sneaks around the left side of the cave to the mouth of the cave unseen by the two sleepy guards

    perception check please
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    @Storm you see wood plank steps set across the entrance to the cave and quite cleverly placed, a tripwire placed in between the first two steps. You easily avoid it and step into the cave entrance.
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    @Storm You see a well lit path leading downward. No goblinoids to be seen at the moment.

    The path is quite clearly stained red, though you're not sure how. Your educated guess...blood
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    Seeing @Storm move in so easily @Sarippus tries to slip past the guards and in his hurry almost misses the tripwire, but catches himself just as his foot comes in contact with it. Luckily his balance barely holds and he attempts to disarm the trap.

    @Sarippus roll sleight of hand
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    The wire seemed easy enough to cut, but what @Sarippus didn't expect was the wooden plank to give way underneath him. The plank slides in the mud just enough to snap the wire.

    Knowing the dice gods must have made a mistake he watches as a set of weights fall around him, attached to a net. A set of bells ring, rousing the nearby sleepy sons of bitches as they snarl and grab their spears.
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    You both get one action before the guards arrive and attack. make them good
    @Storm @Sarippus
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    I step out of the cave avoiding the trap and shout in goblin

    "You and you. I have just finished my meeting in there and I come out to this! Garrugek is going to have your hide for this!

    Now grab this weasel and let's find out who he is!"

    I gesture towards sari.
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    You all need to come. Now.

    "Guys, they're in trouble! Let's get a move on!" Neda alerts the remaining group and runs to catch up to the scouting party.
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    (or actually hold that post until other shit resolves, sorry!)
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    Seeing as how the two guards sleeping during the middle of the day could seem like easy marks (idiots) @Storm attempts to con them into releasing @Sarippus .

    The two guards, confused as to who Garrugek is, but also...still very sleepy, stop in their tracks and speak out.

    "who are you, elf? I didn't see you come in to meet with Garrock"
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    Hold that thought. Stay back for now but be on alert.

    Neda relays the message to hold back.

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    I am the representative of the people doing the deal you fools. And of course you didn't see me you were practically asleep!

    Now I didn't say anything to Garrock about that because I understand what is like with those at the top. Am I right?! So let's keep that between us. Now how are we going to deal with this guy. I would like to ask him a few questions. Can you cut him down please but keep a very close eye on him.
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    The two goblins look at each other, decide that its better to listen to the strange elf rather than take a beating from Garuk.

    "oi, we'll take him down below, to the Flayer. He'll get everything out of him."

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    They begin to cut him loose.
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    "Right get him out of the net and tie him up with this. "

    I throw them a rope.

    While they start to do that I pick up a fairly hefty rock.

    "What a great catch guys! Hooty hoo!"

    I make the owl signal as if I am excited and watch as they get to work. If the others react and move in I will wait until they are a bit closer and crack one of the goblins on the back of the head with the rock.

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    Time for action! Beware of the trap! Goblins and some sort of flayer. You're gonna love what happened to the archer.

    "It's go time!"

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    Seeing his opportunity, once the last rope restraining @Sarippus is cut, @Storm grabs a stone and striking the back of the head *wham* incapacitates one of the goblins.

    now freed, @Sarippus leaps into action with a net of his own. catching the other goblin in the net, while @Sanguis leaps from around the corner positioning himself on top of the netted goblin and growling. The netted goblin, eyes wide with fear pleads "Please spare me, I don't taste very good. They don't feed us very well around here."
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    netted goblin, eyes wide with fear pleads "Please spare me, I don't taste very good. They don't feed us very well around here."

    “I doubt that.” Says Sanguis though no one can understand him. He licks his chops menacingly.
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    Offers up some rations to the goblin.

    "We get it. We really do. Crappy job for crappy pay and little food. Help us out and I'll give you some gold and you can get out of here.

    We have a few questions that need answering.

    Where are they keeping the prisoners?

    How many goblins and bugbears are in there?

    What are your passwords?

    Where are the other traps located?

    Of course you don't have to answer"

    I'll take out my dagger and rest it against his cheek.

    "But right now I am pissed off because I have been attacked by vines and been knocked out by a ghost. I am not in the mood to play nice for long."

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