Chapter 1: The Caravan



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    *Kan hearing then hooty hoo signal nudges Neda and Jystn* and asks them, should we make a move to follow the others? It sounds like they may be in need of help.
  • As the netted goblin spins to a stop, Strigiformes picks his moment and plinks Storm on the head. It's such a skillful flyby, even Storm barely notices.
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    Storm wrote: »
    Where are they keeping the prisoners?

    How many goblins and bugbears are in there?

    What are your passwords?

    Where are the other traps located?

    The goblin greedily eats the rations and says. "They keep the prisoners In the cages to wait for the rituals. There are dozens of goblins between here and there. You're better off leaving and forgetting about anyone you may be looking for. The people that go in there don't come back out the same."
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    What are the rituals?
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    After hearing the hooty hoo signal, Kan attempts to get Neda and Jystn to come with him - but they don't seem too interested, at least at this point. So Kan heads out by himself to follow in the direction that the others went, towards where he assumes the cave is that Sanguis and Strigiformes had scouted.
  • Strigiformes keeps circling above, keeping an owl eye on the group at the mouth of the cave. He notes the goliath approaching.
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    As the rest of the group reaches the mouth of the cave they find an incapacitated goblin and a netted goblin talking to @Storm . They hear him say

    "The master makes the weaklings quieter and stronger. You should go, leave it be. "
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    Kan strikes up conversation with whoever will listen, but mostly just himself at the start, "So this goblin seems to be warning us about what's in this cave.. and it sounds like there may be dozens of them inside.. it sounds like a bad idea to go in there. Too bad we can't sneak inside completely undetected.

    Wait a minute. Ruff, you wouldn't know anyone who could do exactly that would you? I can't believe you haven't said anything yet."
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    Ruff's eyes get very large as he looks at Kan.

    "No. Not a chance."

    Ruff begins to walk away from the group.
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    "Come on, Ruff! I know it's tough, but you need to put away past differences because I know he could help us out!"
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    Ruff stops in his tracks and whips around quickly.

    "You don't understand. He is literally the worst."
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    With a look of compassion Kan simply responds, "Ruff..."
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    Ruff growls heavily and swings his fists wildly into the air while spinning around throwing punches. He stops and looks at Kan.

    "You know I hate you, right?"

    He pulls the hood up over his head, lowering his head, and closing his eyes. He begins to hum, but then stops and looks up at Kan.

    "For real."

    He lowers his head again and begins the ritual. He extends his arms out to his side and begins to slightly hover, just inches from the ground.

    Small flames dance in the energy around him, and the smell of sulfur grows strong. A small portal begins to open up and you can see a giant demon half, snake, half ape, with two screaming baboon heads and a giant forked tail. He turns towards the portal entrance and looks at it strangely. Turning one head one way and one the other.

    He then rears back, as if to pounce, and just then, a tiny demon imp pops through the portal and it closes.

    Ruff falls to the ground and quickly brushes off his clothing as to not catch on fire.

    "You goofy son of a bitch!" says the imp as it flies around Ruff in circles.

    Ruff cuts eyes at Kan.

    The imp continues. "8 years?! 8 years?! We could have been fucking shit up! Instead you're living at home with your parents reading books! Please tell me you've gotten laid since then." He flies from one shoulder of Ruff to the other.

    "Don't tell me, I already know. What, you think I can't still see everything?!" He grabs one of Ruff's ears and whispers loudly enough for everyone to hear. "I see you when you touch yourself."

    Ruff swipes at him, but misses. He marches towards Kan.

    "See, is this what you wanted?!"

    Ruff darts from each person to the next.

    "Wow, what a real group of dick retards you've got here."

    He darts over to the goblin.

    "Seems like you're the only one with any sense. FREE FOOD!"

    He grabs some of the food and throws it into the goblins eyes.

    "Name's X. And boy are we going to have some fun."

    He begins to rap, "X GONE GIVE IT TO YA, HE GONE GIVE IT TO Y-"

    Just then, Ruff's hands come down and clasp over X as if he was catching a fly. You hear a muffled voice.

    "That's from another dimension. I guess you guys aren't ready for that yet. But your kids are gonna love it."

    Ruff reaches his fingers inside and pulls out a very small, red demon imp. He holds him by the nape of the neck an pulls him up even with his face.

    "Look you little shit, I need you to go into that cave and tell us if you see any humans or ways to rescue them."

    Ruff then lets out a puff of smoke from his nostrils that envelop X. He then tosses him towards the cave entrance. X gathers himself and then darts towards the inside of the cave. Then stops. And in a flash of sulfury smoke, he disappears. Further down the cave you hear him call out,

    "Your breath smells like shit."

    Ruff cuts eyes at Kan once again before sitting down.
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    Kan trying to hold back a laugh while he pokes a bit of fun at Ruff, "You were right, he is a little rough around the edges..

    You're a virgin?! Never would've guessed.

    No matter.. but still.

    And your breath DOES smell like shit, X was right about that ha!

    Anyway, thank you for facing your demons, literally, to help out the group. I think he's just the perfect sort to scout this cave."
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    The three (three?) familiars head into the cave and as the cave curves around to the left out of sight, around 60ft into the cave, X and Stringformes spot what appears to be a human corpse on its back in the middle of the cave floor
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    X checks to see if he's alive.
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    How does he do that?
  • RuffRuff Monkeys
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    X moves closer to the body. The odor of decay is evident.
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    X disappears and you hear "later losers" further down the cave as you lose any sign of where he is.
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    Laz and Stringformes are both near the corpse nearly 60ft in the cave past the turn to the left.
  • Sarippus attempts to study the guard patrols routine and see if there is any lapse in time that they may be able to exploit
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    @Neda Laz sees no breathing from the body, but slight twitching from the muscles in the arms and legs. Appearing almost involuntary.

    @Sarippus you peer down the corridor to see if you can spot a patrol and you don't currently see one. You only see Stringformes flitting around what appears to be a dead body.

    @Proclus Stringformes notices the twitching as well
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    @Proclus , stringformes flaps down and lands next to the body to inspect the twitching. As stringformes gets close and starts poking at the body the arm starts moving slowly startling the owl causing it to fly back up. Just out of reach of the now grasping hands of the body. As it sits up, and begins to stand.
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    We got some creepy shit going on down here, you guys should come deal with it. Looks like a reanimated corpse.

    Neda relays the message to the party and suggests they go investigate.
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    I am up for it! Do we want to have anyone stay watch at the cave opening, or all stick together?
  • Proclus appears.

    And joins Kan and the rest at the mouth of the cave.
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    The body stands, shambling around, attempting to grab the owl. To no avail.

    Meanwhile, the incapacitated goblin begins to wake up.

    @everyone what do you want to do?
  • Proclus disarms the two goblins.
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    Ruff stands up. Shakes his head and joins the others at the mouth of the cave.

    “X found a bugbear patrol and was able to take them out via a rock slide. He then cut communication with me.”
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