Chapter 1: The Caravan



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    The Flayer lets loose two simultaneous blade swings, @Kan blocking one with his shield but the other catching him in the back for 11dmg.

    @Proclus you're up
  • Proclus feels like a failure. No matter what he does, no matter how many escapes he provides, it always turns out that he just makes it easier for people to kill each other. Will there ever be peace?

    The flayer is wounded, but his minions will keep fighting so long as he stands. Time for him to feel the weight of his sins and see himself as Eldath sees him! Proclus slams his quarterstaff into the ground and waves his hand slightly, almost as if he's scattering feathers.

    The half-ogre drops his arms and sags to his knees. His eyes well as he begins to perceive everything as a person indictment of his life, of his entire being. Remorse fills his heart and the unending guilt overpowers him. He falls flat to the ground, shaking and shuddering with incomprehensible sobs.

    Proclus thunders, "Is it not enough? What is more powerful than words? Why do we not speak?"
  • *personal indictment
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    Neda sees Jystn take damage and reaches out to assist him, but not before trying to blast the flayer to death.

    10 to hit with disadvantage, 12 damage if it hits,

    7 health restored for @Jystn
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    As Neda's blast shoots wildly beyond its target the golden panther swiftly moves to strike the flayer. Slashing and biting the large beast as it lay prone.
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    Ruff looks at the gruesome scene before him when suddenly he hears a stumbling behind him. He turns quickly to see the blinded, stumbling goblin feeling around in the air.

    He tilts his head slightly to the side in curiosity. He squats down and picks up a small rock from his previous blast of the roof. He tosses it in one direction, away from the goblin. The goblin startles and turns towards the sound.

    Ruff lets out a slight chuckle.

    Ruff springs open his right hand and a crackle of energy surrounds his hand, and then his arm up to his elbow. The goblin terrified, turns towards the sound of the energy before falling on the ground.

    Ruff cackles, "I should have killed you...on sight!"

    He then releases the energy as it hurls towards the goblin and envelops him. All that is left is a burned, charred mess where a goblin once sat. The smell of the burning goblin fills Ruff's nostrils. Smells a little sulfury.....oh no.


    Ruff turns around quickly towards the voice.

    There. Sitting on the shoulder of one of the bugbears sits X, nodding his head and grinning. Ruff's eyes burn with anger and X realizes Ruff can see him. X snaps to attention.

    "Oh shit."

    He then leans into the bugbear and whispers in his ear.

    "Somebody kill these fucking bugbears!" yells Ruff.
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    Pringle moves behind the bugbear near @Jystn trying to trip him, grabs his leg but the bugbear (#2) notices Pringle and turns and kicks him over prone. Turning his attention from @Jystn was a bad choice as a greataxe digs into his back.
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    Bugbear (#2) spins and swings his morningstar at Jystn and misses him entirely as @Jystn sidesteps the swing. Bugbear (#1) brings his morningstar down hard just over @Kan s shield. Hitting him squarely on the head (crit) for 22 piercing damage.

    @Kan you're up
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    @Kan takes aim at the flayer in the fetal position on the ground in front of him. Almost in a show of mercy he takes his longsword and stabs it deep into the half-ogre's chest as it gasps for breath and goes limp.

    @Proclus @Storm @Neda your turns are now
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    Neda cracks her knuckles before sending another ray of energy at the bugbear near Jystn.
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    The crackling energy impacts Bugbear (#2) nearly knocking it off its feet but it remains upright just barely
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    @Sarippus readies an arrow aiming at the Bugbear (#1) who was mostly still with his head cocked as though he was listening to something. As the arrow flies and pierces through the bugbear's neck, you hear a high pitched yelp coming from the Bugbear but not from its mouth.

    @Ruff is up
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    Ruff locks eyes with X. X let's out a guilty smile and shrugs. Energy fills Ruff's right hand and extends up his elbow before he thrusts it angrily at the Bugbear X is standing on. The energy wraps around the bugbear and X...and then freezes. The bugbear, frozen in time, with energy surrounding him.

    X walks behind the bugbear's head and out of sight and appears on the opposite shoulder dressed in a golden helmet with a red fluff atop it, and a matching red cape with golden accents. He falls to his knees and looks at Ruff, "Et tu... Brute'?" before collapsing. He then disappears behind the bugbear's head again, only this time to appear on the bugbear's head.

    Dressed in and old duster and cowboy hat, he leaps valiantly into the air and shouts, "AAAAAAANNGUUUUUUUS PEECCCOOOOOOSSSS!" before falling on the bugbear's shoulder in a splat. Phantom mice appear and mime eating his body.

    He disappears behind the bugbear's head a third time, and appears on the opposite shoulder with baggy jeans and a gun in his hand. He aims back behind the bugbear's head with his pistol sideways and fires, before a hail of bullets return and X is fallen. He lies for a second before reaching up to the bugbear's ear and pulling it down to whisper, "Don't let 'em find Tupac." He let's go and his motionless.

    Quickly his eyes open and he says, "Oh yeah, you're coming with me." He slaps his hand down on the bugbear's shoulder and time returns to normal. In a flash of light the energy envelops them both and there is nothing but burning ash where they once stood.

    Ruff sighs in relief before cutting eyes to Kan.
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    The remaining bugbear glares at @Jystn barely clinging to life and musters his remaining strength for a mighty blow. Crashing down with his morningstar he deals 18dmg (reduced to 9)
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    @Jystn you're up
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    Kan sees the opportunity to finish off the last foe within sight. He draws his longsword with both hands and rushes the lone standing bugbear. As he gets close he raises his longsword over his head, but just as he goes to land the blow he trips over a rock on the ground and stumble. Having to keep his balance he is unable to land any sort of damage.
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    "Must I kill everything around here?" Neda muses quietly. With a nonchalant snap of a finger, the remaining bugbear bursts into flames and collapses.
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    You have murdered everyone.
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    Kan takes a look around each of the dead bodies searching for any valuables or unique items. Starting with the flayer, then the bugbears, then the four goblins.
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    As you go through the bodies, you find a total of 98gp 21sp. Among the bodies you also collect 2 morningstars, 2 shortbows, 2scimitars, 2 shortswords, several armor scraps, 2 shields. The only items in decent shape are the short swords wielded by the Flayer.
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    An arrow flies and just misses Sanguis as it clatters to the ground.

    Proclus picks up the arrow.
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    @Proclus manages to take a wooden shield, and 2 battered morningstars from the two incapacitated bugbears.

    Proclus places the wooden shield on the ground between himself and Kan.

    Then, off to the side, he drops the pair of battered morningstars along with the goblin arrow he previously gathered.
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    @Proclus inspects the bugbears as they slumber and finds 17gp and 43sp and a silver ring with a pearl in it.

    Proclus kneels beside the wooden shield and neatly stacks the gold and silver coins upon it. Turning the ring in his hands, he identifies it to be cheap silvered brass -- though the pearl is real enough and likely valuable.

    Not wanting the ring to be overlooked or misplaced, he makes a point of balancing it on the stack of gold coins, then backs up slowly as he stands and turns away.
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    @Neda carefully gives the glowing orb to @Proclus in hopes he can identify it. After a short time, Proclus returns the globe and reveals that it is in fact a Driftglobe


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    There doesn't appear to be anything else in this cavern. There is a tunnel to the south where the flayer came from and a tunnel to the north where the goblins came from.
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    Sanguis, very familiar with the smell of goblin, starts tracking goblin scent. Circling briefly before heading toward the north tunnel.

    The group prepares to head north.

    Stealth? Perception? ZJs?
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    @Sarippus @Storm and @Jystn as you carefully make your way down the north tunnel you immediately come upon a tripwire that @Sarippus sees is attached to a net trap similar to the one he was caught in at the entrance of the cave. Further, as his eyes scan up above he sees a pile of loose rocks on a well-hidden ledge above you and can hear something shuffling in the darkness near the rocks.
  • Proclus turns the coins over in his hands. Sixteen gold and nine silver. Tainted. Blood money. Handed to him as spoils, as if he deserved a share because he shared in the slaughter -- the very slaughter he tried to stop!

    The broken arms he can offer, if Eldath will accept it. But the money? Buried money doesn't stay buried long. Return it to the party? The dragonborn took the least -- but would giving him the money condone his actions?

    Proclus notices Pringle watching him, and the decision is made. Quickly sliding the coins into a pouch, Proclus makes a show of gathering the battered weapons and armor scraps. Falling in behind the others, he works his way over to the goblin and discretely hands him the pouch, saying, "I believe you were promised a share."
  • Proclus wrote: »
    I hear shuffling!
    Proclus wrote: »
    Ruff wrote: »
    Where do you hear the shuffling?

    Just north of us. And up. Somewhere above us and to the right.

    There's definitely something there.

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    @Sarippus attempts to cut the tripwire but underestimates it's sensitivity as you see the net collapse on him. Immediately thereafter the loose rocks on the ledge above tumble downward on top of him dealing 15 points of bludgeoning damage.

    Among the rocks fall two zombies landing face first on the ground next to @Sarippus. As they start getting up...

    Roll initiative to murder zombos

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