Chapter 1: The Caravan



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    The big angry Zombie slashes twice at @Jystn missing the first but connecting with the second, dealing 8 points of slashing damage. One of the skeletons slashes at Jystn as well dealing an additional 8 damage.
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    oops, 8 damage total for the two hits. (8 damage resisted due to rage)
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    @Kan absolutely demolishes a skeleton (#4) in one hit to the delight of everyone watching.

    @Ruff , damaged from the nonsensical handsy hands earlier watches as his fists go cold. He bashes the angry zombie with his frosty fist and the zombie recoils in pain as the cold spreads over his body. His reflexes seem slowed and his body extra brittle due to the frost.

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    The hands still crawling attack @Ruff and @Kan again dealing 5 slashing damage to @Ruff and 7 slashing damage to @Kan
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    Skeleton (#2) slashes at @Jystn but he parries the attack, growling with rage and wishing for more attacks.
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    Jystn totally raging hard, swings his massive axe and cleaves skelly #3 into bone fragments.
    "Yeahhhhhh!!!! But I'm not feeling so well..."
    His wounds looks bad, but his rage keeps him fighting on.
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    The well-groomed smarmy/suave newcomer's hands make gang signs as a dark shadow forms around them. He thrusts them toward Sanguis. As the dark energy shoots into the panther's body and returns to the Tomato, you see his burns partially heal and the smugness on the man's face is infuriating.
  • The painful yips of Sanguis threw Sarippus into a terrible rage. Without thinking, he focused his mind on the silver raven token in his pocket, and the goddess of its intention, praying to the queen of death to guide his arrow.

    Thoughts race through his mind - never did he wish to pray to this goddess - but now it was his first instinct. She led him to the raven queen... Rulanna Arabisithek’reth was her name. The elven woman... the raven queen rogue who stole his heart and tainted his mind.

    He was pure before he met her. He was untainted by the cruelty of the world. The world had always been rough on him, but not until her had it broken his spirit. After her, his blade knew blood it should not have. His arrows were carved from a place of anger instead of necessity. She was the reason Sanguis had no mother. Her taste for death led Sarippus astray, and yet he once more fell victim to Rulanna's influence as he aimed down the shaft of his arrow at the smarmy fuck who hurt his only friend.

    As he drew his bowstring back to its fullest extent, his rage got the best of him. He pulled so hard that it snapped, and the arrow fell to his feet. Sarippus sank to his knees, cursing Rulanna and her goddess of death for once again darkening his soul.
  • Sanguis bolts for the door, nearly as scared of Sarippus in his dark place as he is of the man who just attacked him, but... he doesnt get far. The swarmy man attacks him again, and his world goes dark.
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    As Sanguis tries to escape, the Tomato takes an attack of opportunity against him as the dark shadows lash out again...stealing some of his life force and transferring it back to the Mustachioed man
  • This doesn't really seem to be a good time to try playing lawyer with the rules of non-violence. Clearly, this smug man is not only responsible for the abominations assaulting the party, but he seems to have zero inclination towards any peaceable compromise. So why bother? Perhaps a better person than Proclus could think of something wise to shout that would pause the conflict and save the day, but for now the humble choice is to not even try -- this time, violence will be its own solution. That doesn't really make sense, but it sounds good enough and Proclus has lowered his standards all the way to plausible deniability, fully intending to fight now and repent later.

    The trio of heavies are locked in fierce combat near the slab, while another trio remains by the southern door. Just to the east, the panther is down while the pretentiousness is up. Let's flip that picture.


    Smugman is slammed prone onto the ground as Sangius finds his feet.
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    @Neda spreads some healing energy around to @Jystn and @Ruff
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    The frosted zombie takes two wild swipes at @Ruff but the ice covering him causes his limbs to swing more slowly than normal and he misses with both swings.

    One of the remaining skeletons meanwhile stabs his sword at @Kan and hits for 6dmg
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    @Kan after taking several slashes from the multitude of surrounding creatures, frees his sword. Grasping it with two hands, he yells "RYEARRGHEAYYY" as the gleaming blade streaks through the air and severs the zombies arm from the rest of his body.
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    Ruff notices Kan is in bad shape. And they are surrounded. He turns to his left and decides to blast his way out. And he won’t need X for this next trick. This he has known how to do since he was a kid. And he was good at it.

    He clenches his fists at his side. Two small flaps on the sides of his neck start to fluttter. Letting in oxygen. Fuel. Ruff pulls it in with a deep breath. At the same time, a large amount of liquid comes from a gland beneath his tongue. And I’m perfect unison, the small organ that he shares with his old slave masters flicks open and flames on.

    Ruff releases the flame with a roar. Flames bellow from his throat and envelop the left wall of enemies as they hurtle past them.

    When he stops, there are no more hands on this side. Only a badly burned skeleton.

    “Guys, we need to regroup on this side.”

    He looks to Kan.
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    The hands and the burnt skeleton make attacks at the group in the middle if the room. The skeleton hits ruff with his sword and the hands scratch @Jystn . @Kan has had enough and swats the hands away as they attack.

    @Storm and @Jystn are up
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    Storm silently removes a bolt and carefully places it into his crossbow. With the grace of a cat he flicks up his hand and his tinder box creates a small flame that he applies to the bolt. As it catches fire he pulls the bow up and unleashes the bolt.

    The flaming bolt strikes true and the zombie's old dry clothes burst into flames.

    Storm watches with his steely eyes as the zombie burns. A small smile on his otherwise stony face.
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    The zombie falls, though not quite dead dead. He slowly rises again to his feet.
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    Jystn lifts his great axe above his head and spins one time and connects with the zombies neck. It slices through and as it's head spins end over end in the air Pringle jumps up and catches it. "For you master!! Pringle kill. Pringle kill zombie for you."
    Jystn looks down. Not sure what to say exactly.."uh...what..i just did that..."
    Pringle smiles an almost toothless grin. "No master, Pringle kill. Pringle kill hard." He makes a small fist and growls. "Pringle like you. Rawr."
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    The Tomato points his newly revealed wand and out if it flies a volley of 3 bullets. 2 bolts impact target #6 @sarippus takes 7dmg and the other 1 bolt impacts target #2 @kan takes 4dmg
  • Proclus watches as the man struggles to stand, uses his wand, then keels over flat again. It's almost comical. Why doesn't he just move from that spot? It's just going to keep happening again and again.

    Proclus blinks his eyes as his head swivels towards the scrum in the middle. He opens them just as Strigiformes completes his screeching dive towards Kan's head, using it to bounce back upwards again. The goliath slowly lumbers to his feet -- alive, but looking all but dead.

    As before, Proclus draws his broken sword and fire completes it into being. By its light, he can now see into the cages and the sight is startling -- a pair of humans... and an elf... and is that... is that an orc?!
  • Sarippus sighs out of relief as Sanguis manages to make it out of the smarmy guys immediate area after being healed by Proclus.

    Stowing his longbow to fix later, Sarippus readies his spear.... channeling his rage, he throws it in a long arc and watches as it falls with tremendous grace to land, spear deep directly in the smarmy fuckers asshole.

    "Thats what you get for hurtin my bess fran. You get spear fucked.... Literally."
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    Skeleton (1) pokes @Jystn in the thigh with his sword dealing 5dmg (3 damage because of rage)
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    @Ruff tries something. but he failed. It's going on his permanent record.
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    The hands unleash a series of attacks on @Ruff @Kan and @Jystn

    They deal:

    2 damage to @Ruff
    2 damage to @Kan
    4 damage to @Jystn (2 damage because rage)
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    Just like that, Skeleton (1) lashes out at @Ruff who is still surprised by the Tomato's ability to resist his last spell. Dealing 8dmg and @Ruff collapses, bleeding out and unconscious.
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    @Jystn uses an axe to cut one of the hands in two.

    @Storm readies a bolt and fires hitting skeleton (1) in the skull, knocking it across thee room as you see the rest of the skeletal form crumple ink a pile.

    The tomato stands in the grease. Meeting any incantation and pointing at @Sarippus. As an iron crown stars to form around the rangers head, @Sarippus smirks and does the jerkoff motion with a free hand as the crown disintegrates and he is able to shrug off the effects.

    Shocked at his spell falling, the tomato inconceivable! As he retreats through the door he entered from.
  • Oh no, you don't! Get back here.

    Proclus rushes from behind cages, looping around the grease and angling towards the door. He gets close, but not all the way -- his progress slowed considerably by his furious gesturing while running with a still white-hot longsword. Yeah, you try it. Not easy.

    But the delay is to some benefit, as the remaining skeleton is suddenly enshrouded in radiant fire. If he could bleed, he'd be doing it. Also the dragonborn rolls to his knees and slowly staggers to his feet. Worth it. The fleeing smugness will get his soon enough.
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    The intrepid @Sarippus moves toward the cages and deftly unlocks the cage in which an elf is contained. Benton, a member of the caravan thanks him, pulling a rusted dagger out. "Let's kill this monster" he says.
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    @Ruff 's hand crackles as he grabs the last remaining claw. in a flash of energy he shoots the claw across the room as if falls limp.

    *You are now out of combat*

    Benton, freed by @Sarippus , notices two of his comrades from the caravan. Moves to @Kan and with a glowing hand, heals him for 7HP. ( @Kan you are healed for 7HP) Then asks @Ruff "how did you find us?"

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