Chapter 1: The Caravan



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    After him!!

    Or do we need to heal?
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    Ruff grabs Benton and hugs him with exuberance then pulls him away and looks him in the eye.

    “Benton, my brother, you know KAN and I wouldn’t leave you guys out to dry.”

    He motions to the group.

    “We hired a crew to help. They helped out a lot.”

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    Benton responds, clearly exhausted "Ruff! it is heartwarming to see you and Jystn here. I figured we were lost once we were taken. Thanks to all of you for finding us. the rest of these captives still need to be freed."
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    Sarippus frees the captives
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    @Sarippus you easily pick the locks on the cages. The orc thanks you and departs toward the entryway of the cave.

    Of the two remaining cages one of the Humans is dead, the other is unconscious.
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    SockGM wrote: »
    The orc thanks you and departs toward the entryway of the cave.

    Whoa buddy, wrong way! Or are you too scared to stay and fight?
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    A month passes.

    Maybe the orc is deaf?
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    Proclus eases to his feet. He had to be thorough searching the dead human and healing the unconscious one, but now something has shifted. He can feel it. Something new on the wind. Things will be picking up soon, he suspects.
  • Perhaps he was mistaken, though everything can be soon if one is patient enough.
  • There it is. Something on the wind again. It's unmistakable.
  • Proclus looks around the cavern, taking a headcount of who remains.
  • Proclus confers privately with Storm for a moment, then steps back and grants him a Blessing. Turning towards the open doorway, Procolus waves his hand -- Strigiformes swoops into the room and hovers over the desk in its middle. He sees nothing.

    Readying an attack, Proclus moves cautiously to the room, pauses momentarily in the doorway, then slides along the wall to the right. Storm, freshly blessed, enters next.
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    As three party members enter the next room. They find what appears to be a nicely furnished room with some chairs, tables, a desk, a bed, and several bookshelves. The room otherwise seems empty
  • Proclus peruses the bookshelves. Most of the books and titles are old and smudged, but he does recognize a few of them.
  • A chill in the air, as the first month of autumn passes.
  • The first week of a new year.
    A lingering moment, a forgotten universe.
    The first year of an eternal rest.
  • A chill in the air, as the first month of winter passes.
  • I searched the desk. It held 52 silver, which I shall hold for now. Necromancy always has its victims and reparations will undoubtedly be necessary.
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    We return to our party of adventurers two of which (Ruff and Kan) were working for Star Protective Services involved in protecting a caravan of various goods and passengers travelling from Darromar up the Trade Way to the coast city of Murann. Their journey was interrupted by several of the mercenaries being abducted in the night. The nearby town of Mosstone is where more members of the group were recruited to help. The search led the group to a ruined tower where they rescued one member of the caravan and met a banshee that Jystn sacrificed his most precious item to save the group. They left and found a cave where Jystn befriended(?) a goblin named Pringle. Further search of the cave revealed 2 more of the missing members of the caravan and a Tomato Necromancer. After a fierce battle the Necromancer retreated and seemingly disappeared. The group, having lost track of how long it has been here and where the rescued caravan members ended up wake from a very fitful slumber. They search the study and find several items and gold pieces.


    You are now in the cave, A note from one of your caravan compatriots explains that he has taken the remaining captives out of the cave.

    What would you like to do Now?
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    Proclus and the party do one more thorough search of the rooms they have explored and in the desk you find a hidden compartment with papers.

    Most are correspondence to someone named Oreioth. They detail shipments leaving Darromar along the same road the caravan travelled. Dates of departure and other pertinent informationis included in the letters. There are a few manifestsin the papers listing goods and passengers. You gather that these letters reached their intended recipient in this cave. All of the letters are simply signed "F"

    You do not find anything more in the cage room, not do you find anything else in the first room.
  • “This Oreioth guys seems like the one causing all this trouble. I’d be all for going after him if we are up for it. But you lot have done more than enough helping Kan and I retrieve our friends so perhaps we should aid you.”

    Ruff nods to Kan.
  • Ruff wrote: »
    “This Oreioth guys seems like the one causing all this trouble. I’d be all for going after him if we are up for it. But you lot have done more than enough helping Kan and I retrieve our friends so perhaps we should aid you.”

    Ruff nods to Kan.

    "I agree that we're not done. Hogarth is safe. Johan Zeriph should be safe with Benton, outside. But Cris -- we do not yet know for certain that he is safe. Hogarth only heard it second- or third-hand that Cris escaped. Our mission remains uncompleted."
  • "Pringle, we need to know now -- what is the meaning of the bell? What manner of necromancy takes place here? What is its purpose? Where did the necromancer vanish to? What made us rest for so long? What happened while we were asleep? Who is Oreioth? Where is Garrock? Who is 'F'? Why were they tracking the caravans? Why did they kidnap the mercenary guards? Why did they take Hogarth to the banshee? Who is the banshee? Do you know if Cris truly escaped? What is waiting for us through the southern passage?"
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    Pringle is overwhelmed with the number of questions. visibly scared, points to the southern passage, That way is where garrock stays. Don't go that way.
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    @Sarippus and Sanguis take off down the southern hall
  • Proclus raises his eyes over Pringle's head just in time to see the ranger and his panther go leeroying down the passage. Strigiformes materializes from nowhere and knifes through the air, following them southward. Locking eyes again with Pringle and reading the panic on the little goblin's face, Proclus knows what he must do.

    "Alert the others. We will all face Garrock together. Trust me."
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    As @Sarippus and Sanguis make their way down the tunnel. Followed closely by Strigiformes. They find a lot of darkness and as they travel further they notice everything is covered in a thick layer of dust.
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    As @Sarippus @Storm Sanguis and Strigiformes make their way further down the tunnel they come to a heavy stone door.
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    As the group approaches the door @Storm notices a lock mechanism
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    @Storm inspects it and is able to quickly pick the lock. The door lurches and opens a crack.
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