Chapter 1: The Caravan



  • Sock (DM)Sock (DM) Monkeys (DM)
    and with that the Party (name undecided) heads north through the forest.
  • "One time in my travels, I met this lil pupper. His name was Sock. I know what his name is because I can speak to animals, which is another long story, but ill show you that power sometime soon im sure. Anyways, this lil pupper named Sock, he was always running headstrong into an adventure. He always Sock'd Forth that lil pupper. Ahhh, i miss that stupid lil pupper.

    Why'd you have to eat him, Sanguis?"
  • *Sanguis hangs his head in shame*
  • Sock (DM)Sock (DM) Monkeys (DM)
    The intrepid group of adventurers travel north following the tracks. Along the way some of the tracks splitting off at certain points, though the heaviest traces continue north. Several hours of walking brings you to a fork in the path.
  • Sock (DM)Sock (DM) Monkeys (DM)
    One fork continues to lead north and another splits off to the northeast and disappears.

    How would you like to proceed?
  • Sock (DM)Sock (DM) Monkeys (DM)
    @Sarippus becoming more and more familiar with the tracks you notice a majority of them continue on the north path and a smaller portion of them go to the northeast.
  • "If my time spent understanding goblin droppings is any indication, the majority of them went to the north side, and a small portion of them went..... that way. "
  • "Perhaps we send Sanguis and the familiars down one path and we continue on the other. We can have them report back to us what they see."
  • NedaNeda Monkeys
    "I can only communicate with Laz over a certain distance, so if they diverge very far that may not be doable for me."

    Yeah but I'd get a nice break from you!

    Hush, you!
  • RuffRuff Monkeys
    I think we should head North. If the men are held captive, then they’ll be in the larger group.
  • NedaNeda Monkeys
    Laz, we spotted some birds circling up ahead to the north. Try to check that out. Don't worry about being out of range from me, we'll have our owl friend watching. And stay unseen! If you run into any trouble, fire an arrow into the sky. If it's safe for us to come, fire two. Otherwise, just come back and report what you see.

    You got it, boss!

  • NedaNeda Monkeys
    Laz rolled 15 for both stealth and perception checks, if they are necessary
  • Strigiformes turns north, keeping a close watch on Laz and careful to stay within 100ft of Proclus at all times.
  • Proclus turns to Kan, expecting him to say something.
  • Reading Kan's mind, Proclus clambers onto the goliath's back and closes his eyes.
  • Sarippus looks at Sanguis and through their years of companionship and a simple nod toward the NE path, Sanguis knows exactly what to do.
  • *Sanguis stealthy scouts the northeastern path, taking care to not follow it exactly on the path, but to be obscured by the treeline*
  • StormStorm Monkeys
    Stay towards the back of the party
  • JystnJystn Monkeys
    *watching everyone send their familiars and pets off, Jystn pulls the bugbear head out of his sack and whispers in its ear and points north. He shakes the bugbears head up and down and then chunks it down the path*

    Report back to me!!
  • KanKan Monkeys
    Proclus wrote: »
    Reading Kan's mind, Proclus clambers onto the goliath's back and closes his eyes.

    Kan drops to one knee to make it an easier step up - “hold on tight!” he shouts, knowing full well that Proclus can’t hear him.

    Chuckling to himself he goes through their tapping system in his head. One tap for a description of what can be seen, and two taps for him to return.

    Being surprised at how light Proclus feels, Kan adjusts him squarely on his shoulders and sets off with the group.
  • StormStorm Monkeys
    Storm casts his eyes around the surrounding trees and has the occasional glance back to check they aren't being followed.
  • Sock (DM)Sock (DM) Monkeys (DM)
    What exactly are you haviing Sanguis look for? Tracking footprints, following the path?
  • Sock (DM)Sock (DM) Monkeys (DM)
    Hours pass as the party moves north. It is now late afternoon, the sun is getting low in the sky and Laz is close enough to see that the birds are vultures circling over what appears to be ruins. Though it is difficult to see through the canopy.
  • Proclus clears his throat and waves Neda over.

    Through the eyes of Strigiformes, Proclus can see that Laz is at the circle of birds but now just circling around. Understanding that Laz would want to investigate further, Neda asks if Strigiformes can do a series of relaxed dives through the forest canopy to encourage Laz to do the same.

    Proclus nods without a word and turns back to regain his grip on the goliath. Above them, Strigiformes begins his first dive.
  • Sock (DM)Sock (DM) Monkeys (DM)
    Laz descends below the canopy and stringformes loses sight of him.
  • NedaNeda Monkeys
    Neda, becoming worried at the lack of contact, snaps her fingers and temporarily dismisses Laz.

    Then, attempts to resummon him next to her.
  • Sock (DM)Sock (DM) Monkeys (DM)
    Laz reappears near you and tells you all about the ruined tower he found. He didn't see any bad guys around but there were stairs that led down underground and he was just about to check them out when *poof* he ended up back here.
  • StormStorm Monkeys
    We should sock on forwards to where the birds are circling ahead. Something is dead up there and we don't want to be around it at nightfall when the beasts come forth to eat it.
  • Hearing the voice of Laz, Proclus opens his eyes and gives Kan a thank-you pat as he deftly drops off the goliath's back.

    Looking upwards, Proclus silently commands Strigiformes to head due east in an attempt to locate the northeast path. Reasoning that Sanguis has been able to travel much faster than the rest of the group, Strigiformes is to then follow the path northeastwards in an attempt to make contact with Sanguis. If successful, Strigiformes will attempt some form of communication or, at the very least, take note of the panther's current state.

    Regardless of success or failure, Strigiformes will return to Proclus within two hours -- and when nearing to within 100ft, will begin to communicate telepathically.
  • Sock (DM)Sock (DM) Monkeys (DM)
    Stringformes flies to the east.
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