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Sock (DM)Sock (DM) Monkeys (DM)
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Encounter 1:

Location: Tethyr Forest path

Enemies: The b hole brigade - Goblin (x4), Bugbear (x3)

Exp earned : 85/party member
Gold looted: 2gp + 3sp per party member
Other loot: arrows/bolts retrieved.


  • Sock (DM)Sock (DM) Monkeys (DM)
    adjusted to 2gp + 3sp per party member
  • Sock (DM)Sock (DM) Monkeys (DM)
    Encounter 2:

    Location: Tethyr Forest Tower Ruin

    Enemies: Vine Blight (x4)

    Exp earned: 65/party member
    Gold looted: none
    Other loot: none

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