The Last Drop

The Last Drop is the common name for a Shrine to Umberlee in the Bay of Mulmaster. It refers primarily to the marine sinkhole or "blue hole" that forms the deepest part of the bay, plunging to unknown depths and appearing as a perfect circle of dark blue on the surface of the water. The view is especially striking from Last Drop Bridge, which crosses over the sinkhole and connects Little Island to the mainland.

But the shrine itself is carved into the balustrade near the south footing of the bridge. It is the likeness of an enraged woman, her hair like storm clouds and her mouth opened in a primal scream. This is an image of Umberlee -- through her mouth, water from somewhere roars into the bay below. It has become custom for those wishing to thank or appease Umberlee to drop offerings through her mouth and watch them tumble through the water into the Last Drop. Stories abound of people committing suicide by jumping into the Last Drop; rumor has it that their ghosts protect the offerings at its bottom.

It is a solemn place, loud with the squawks of shorebird and squeaking docks, but otherwise quite silent. Despite the number of people about, the bridge and its surrounds feel almost uninhabited.


  • Finufaranell grabs his pouch from around his waist, reaching into it and pulling out a single coin from within. He approaches the statue, muttering a quick prayer of protection to the sea goddess. He keeps it simple and to the point before tossing the coin into the woman's mouth and watching it tumble down into the depths below.

    He then takes a step back and approaches the seaman who was praying near him, giving him a quick nod of his head as they meet. He extends his hand out towards the man and greets him. "Hello there, sir! Is this your first time in Mulmaster?"
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    The old leathery sailor shakes Fin's hand dumbly, seeming a bit surprised by the interaction. He gathers himself and says:

    image "Um no, I run the Rusty Chock over in Oldtown. Name's Benkin. Benkin Rould. I'm just leaving now, you heading south?"

    Benkin turns and slowly exits the shrine, muttering prayers under his breath with his eyes half-closed, running his hand lightly along the railing to guide himself down the final steps. As his feet hit the path leading back to the main pier, his gait and demeanor change from humble supplicant to confident old salt. He never turns around, but pauses ever so slightly to listen if Fin is following...
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    Fin watches as the old man wanders off towards the south. Having no previous plan, he decides following this sailor would be as good an adventure as anything else. He picks up his pace enough to match the man's pace before walking beside him -- his hands diving into his pockets.

    "Nice to meet you Benkin. The name's Fin. I just got into the city, so I've just got to find a place to stay for the night. Might as well start by going south. What's The Rusty Chock?"
  • Benkin is seems quite pleased to have a walking companion. His answer and Fin's reply to it are lost in the wind as the pair round the last corner and disappear from sight.
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