Rusty Chock

Teetering on the edge of Oldtown is the Rusty Chock, a dive to end all dives. The interior smells like an old cannery, which in fact it may once have been. The floor is never without a swampy puddle and there are always more rats than people. Perhaps the rusting and rotting old fishing equipment lining the walls was intended for decoration, but it looks for all the world like someone decided to open bar in a storage locker without clearing it out first.

To be fair, there is one obvious attempt at ambiance: a painting behind the bar of two ocean waves, split in the middle. Next to the bar is a small kitchen that, when open, belches black smoke and burnt food. But despite all this, every table is full and the crowd is in good cheer. The unsurprising secret is the winning formula of fiery grog that's as cheap as it is strong. For sailors used to long voyages on old ships, the Rusty Chock is just more of the same with a bit more elbow room and a lot more alcohol.
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