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The world of D&D is one where your character can do whatever they want. To facilitate this you will give your character an action during the story which will be then followed through by the DM.

Making Actions
As a group you will discuss your tactics for any given situation In the Discord chat.

Action steps
1. Discuss with group
2. Add your action to the list in #actions
3. List gets posted (actions are locked in)
4. Roll initiative if applicable
5. As to initiative list in #actions
6. Initiative gets posted to thread
7. Make any Dice rolls needed
8. Add results to list in #actions
9. List gets posted to thread
10. Await DM

To avoid confusion please try not to move on to another action until the previous one has been processed. If you think the DM has missed your action then please draw attention to it with a prompt.

You are working together as a group although you may have your own agenda. Please remember that your actions will have consequences in the world in the same way they might in the real world. Don't be surprised to find other characters in the game reacting to you in a negative way if you are being a pillock.

Try to come to a clear consensus as a group as to what actions and strategies you are using to solve problems before blindly throwing out your action.

Finally, the DM is there to keep the story moving so sometimes unexpected things may happen that are outside the perceived rules. The DM decision is always final and will always be in the best interest of the group as a whole even if you don't see it that way.

The DM is never going to try and kill your character but be aware that the monsters and traps within the game are! Tread carefully and enjoy your adventures!


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    If in doubt ask the DM.

    If you are not sure how to do something present to as a question to the DM and you will be given advice.

    Remember the DM is impartial and can only describe possibilities and won't tell you the "answer"
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    Thrown Weapons
    You don't need to worry about reminding the DM to pick up daggers and javelins etc. It is assumed that your character picks them up at the end of combat.

    If they break then you will be told and of course the weapon is then lost.
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    Non Player Characters [NPC]
    You will encounter these throughout the story. They will be introduced by the Dungeon Master and may appear as extra characters or just described by the DM.
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    Out of Character [OOC]
    If you want to ask something OOC then please indicate this by preceding it with OOC or putting it in [square brackets]
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    Dice rolls
    These will be done in the dice room on the Discord channel. While you can go ahead and make your dice rolls in advance and add them to your action there is no guarantee that your action will go ahead do it is often worth waiting for instruction from the DM to roll.
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    There is nothing to 'win' with Dungeons & Dragons. It is about exploring a fantasy world and having a great time with others. From time to time adventures used may be ones that are found in print or online. This means that it is sometimes fairly easy to find information about the adventure. Anyone suspected of doing this will be removed from the game.
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    Private Actions
    If you wish to make a private action without others knowing then PM the DM directly for resolution.

    Sometimes you will receive information from searches etc. privately. It is up to you how much of that information to share with your party.
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