Combat & Initiative

When you are prompted to ROLL INITIATIVE then the following will take place...


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    Discuss & Roll
    As a group you will discuss your combat tactics as to who will do what. Once it is decided then you will do the following and post in the thread.

    Roll initiative using the details below
    Roll your attack dice if required
    Roll your potential damage
    Do this for each additional attack actions to may have

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    Initiative system

    Initiative will be using a system of lower is better.

    When you have decided what you are doing then roll the dice listed below.

    Weapon attack
    Roll the damage dice of the weapon i.e. if attacking with a dagger roll a d4

    Moving or making a bonus action
    Roll a d6

    Casting a spell
    Roll a d10

    Casting a cantrip
    Roll a d4

    Dice will stack. So if you decide to move and cast a spell, for example, then you will roll d6 PLUS a d10.

    Actions will be resolved in order so if you decide to stand your ground and the creature in front of you dies for some reason then you will have lost the opportunity to move to another creature if you haven't rolled an extra move dice.

    If you have made a move roll in anticipation of moving and you think your initial target might die then you can specify a secondary target as a backup.
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    Example of how to make a roll in the dice room

    Angus hit roll (roll: 1d20+3)

    Cut and paste the results into the thread like this:
    Angus hit roll (roll: 1d20+3)
    RPBotBOT - Today at 3:27 PM
    @Dungeon Master rolled 14. (11, 3)
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    Example Round

    Angus roll for initiative (roll: 1d6 + 1d8 +1d6)
    RPBotBOT - Today at 3:35 PM
    @Dungeon Master rolled 7. (1, 5, 1)

    Angus roll to hit with bow (roll: 1d20 +5)
    RPBotBOT - Today at 3:36 PM
    @Dungeon Master rolled 20. (15, 5)

    Angus roll damage (roll: 1d8+3)
    RPBotBOT - Today at 3:36 PM
    @Dungeon Master rolled 9. (6, 3)
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    Targeting Creatures
    During combat encounters the placement map will have numbers or names assigned to creatures. Please specify which creature you wish to attack. Using terms like 'the one that has taken the most damage' will not be acceptable.
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