Chapter 1: The Caravan



  • Proclus hurries forward, drops to one knee, and flings an upraised hand forward like a man-spider shooting a web.

    A blinding light engulfs the nearest zombie, leaving only ashes.
  • "Huzzah! I have a new net!"
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    @Storm readies a bolt in his crossbow and fires at the remaining zombie hitting it in the chest, but the zombie continues toward @Sarippus
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    The zombie nears @Sarippus and it's rotting fist slams Don on him dealing 4 points of bludgeoning damage.
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    "The power of Lliira compels you!" Neda shouts joyfully as a flame comes down from the heavens, consuming the zombie in its radiant goodness.
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    After collecting a new net, @Sarippus and Sanguis make their way further into the tunnel to the north.

    Several minutes into the trek you notice the torches lighting the walls end. The tunnel descends into darkness from this point on and the air becomes noticeably colder. Working your way through the dark, you feel the walls damp with moisture, you can hear it dripping. As you step, your feet slosh through large puddles. The deeper you traverse, the smaller the tunnel gets and a thick odor of decay chokes you as you descend.
  • Sarippus kneels to the ground and picks up something from the ground, he cant be sure just what, but he picks it up and tastes it.


    Thats zombie shit. Be on the lookout guys.”
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    Storm holds up the driftglobe and shouts

    "lightus white!"
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    @Storm , as he finishes the command word, the driftglobe starts to hover it of his hand and in a flash bathes the tunnel in either direction in bright light.

    You can see the moisture glistening on the walls, the tunnel continues down out of view. As you proceed, skeletal remains of various rodents are found throughout the corridor. You eventually come to where the tunnel ends. A heavy wooden door is in front of you.
  • Proclus has a sudden vision of two spears striking the ranger in the neck.

    "Be careful!", he hisses between clenched teeth.
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    @Sarippus as you look over the door you don't see any traps. Though scratched into the door are a set of symbols.

    Anyone speak/read infernal?
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    Kan looks at Ruff inquisitively and says, “doesn’t your best bud X speak infernal?”
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    @Sarippus attempts to pick the lock on the door and with ease he hears the lock click open and the door silently open just a crack.

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    @Sarippus as you peek through the door you see a well lit room with several large iron cages. A large slab in the middle of the room with a hooded figure standing in front of it facing away from you.
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    Sanguis makes his move and streaks toward the hooded figure and slashes at it. Claws digging into the standing form.
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    The hood falls back and the figure turns to reveal thr blank stare of a zombie. @Proclus you're up
  • None of this seems right. Not just the immediate indications of impending conflict, nor even just the obvious signs that there are more than just one enemy in this room. There's something greater, something worse, something far more sinister here. Proclus mind swirls with the past: his early days as a forge cleric, his long hours training as a warrior, the lost battles as Myth Drannor fell, the retreat to Semberholme, his lost days in the Sildeyuirwood as he searched for meaning...

    He needs guidance. Guidance and direction. Permission to release this rage welling within him. Proclus closes his eyes momentarily and the answer is already there. His hand finds the hilt of the broken sword at his waist and he steps forward resolutely, eyes fixed on the monstrosity before him. Flickers dance around his sword, exploding into flame as he draws it. Strangely, as it glows white, it no longer appears broken.

    Continuing slowly forward, he nears the zombie, returning its blank stare. No need for words here, this story only ends with death.

  • Sarippus raises his bow to attack the zombo. He pulls the arrow back to his ear and... no... thats not right, Sarippus decides. The fates are pulling you in another direction.

    The net.

    Of course. This new net has a purpose. He needs to get Sanguis out of harms way. Sanguis risked his life to pounce on the zombo, now it was Sarippus' turn to get him to safety.

    He unnotches the arrow from his bow and draws forth his net. Gathering it up in two hands he slings it across the room, over the head of proclus and his glowing sword, and onto the zombo. The zombo moans as it struggles against the net and Sanguis escapes unharmed.

    Sanguis runs back toward the doorway and shows his fangs. Sarippus smiles and does the same.
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    The zombie, with a burst of fury unlike any you've seen thus far, let's out a scream.


    He grabs and flings the net behind him like it was nothing. He grabs two blades off of the slab, and gives a glare at the panther that he sees streaking away from him.
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    @Kan, you're up
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    Kan sizes up the zombie in front of them and feels an overwhelming sense of disgust toward this nasty beast. He draws his sword and charges towards it slicing through the rotting flesh with ease.
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    The zombie's flesh, neatly sliced by Kan, turns a deep red color and the gash left by @kan 's longsword closes almost completely.
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    @Ruff forgoes his spellcasting for a more dramatic and acrobatic though ultimately less useful attack with his daggers. His flipping and spinning and flopping around does allow him to slice the angry zombie's hand. The wound turning a bright red and sealing up as though the undead was healing
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    As the two party members originating from the caravan find themselves face to face with the zombie they notice a familiar face. Jonah, lying there on the slab. Unconscious, hands and feet nailed to the slab with thick spikes. Then a rustling from the barrels as the parts start to move around, spilling onto the floor. What appear to be hands, free from any body, 6 in all. Fling themselves at @Kan and @Ruff dealing 8 slashing damage to @Kan and 10 slashing damage to @Ruff

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    Jystn and his best friend Pringle nod at each. They both slap fists and nod at each other.
    "Lets go be heroes, if even just for one day!!"
    Pringle stops before they start and pees on himself. Jystn sees this and shakes his head.
    "Don't be embarrassed buddy. Peeing yourself is cool. See, I did it too. Peeing is cool. Now let's go tag team this zombo!!"
    Renewed inspiration in Pringle sets their actions in motion. Jystn roars as he rages and charges the zombie, Pringle looks up at him and makes an awkward whining squeak noise as they run full tilt.
    The zombie lined up in perfect unison for the ultimate tag team trip and clothesline move is almost in reach when Jystn steps on Pringle and the little green guy gets wrapped in his legs and the two go sprawling into a heap on the floor. The zombie barely notices.
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    As the flying, flailing and failing twosome stumble their way across the room. A surprising amount of movement comes as 4 barrels full of bones near the slab erupt with force. 4 skeletons emerge forming from several sets of mismatched bones as they wield swords as they move to attack @kan and @Jystn .

    Slashing with swords, @kan takes 8 damage as one of the skeletons sinks its sword into his side. The other slashes but Kan is able to parry the second skeleton's sword just in time. @Jystn despite his silliness earlier, manages to avoid two swords of the other two skeletons.

    That's when you hear someone's voice you don't recognize "well, what do we have here?" As you look to the right side of the room, coming out of a door you see a man entering the chamber. "This is important research, you must not interfere!" he says as a shimmering shell forms around his body and he pulls a wooden wand out of his robe.


  • It's not obvious from his face that Proclus is distracted, but this newcomer certainly has his attention. What are his motives? Is he responsible for these monstrosities? The zombie and the disincorporated hands and the scrambled skeletons are all affronts to Eldath, but would it be better to strike their creator first before he can summon even more? Or perhaps he is indeed some researcher and this is a moment for restraint?

    Fuck all these tests. I didn't sign up for this. I knew this would be difficult, but just give me the fucking rulebook instead of always making me have to guess. Just tell me what you want!

    Speaking of distractions: the cirque du soleil attempt by the half-orc and the goblin, who are still laying in a heap. The zombie never even noticed? Is he incapable of perception? The white-hot Blade of Eldath almost sings in Proclus' hands. The only thing better than an incapacitated zombie is a decapitated zombie, right?

    Right. Proclus lunges and drives his sword through the zombie's throat. There is a flash of radiant light as he draws it back -- broken. Again. Still lodged in the zombie's throat is the rest of the blade, which now erupts into flame, engulfing the zombie's head and spreading down its body.

    With both hands, Proclus holds the broken sword in front of his face. Closes his eyes. And disappears.
  • Now knowing that there are no goblin parts in that pile, Sanguis acts before Sarippus even needs to command him. He pounced upon the swarmy newcomer, claws tearing apart...
    The air in front of him. He whiffs hard.

    As he looks back at his friend Sarippus, he receives a solemn nod of recognition.
  • Poor Sanguis thinks Sarippus, he’s trying so hard, but he’s still just a cub, despite his massive physique. He’ll learn someday not to just rush into battle, but for now, well he’s at least aware enough to know it’s time to act. He’s got that instinct at least.

    Sarippus dashes toward the net he had lost and collects it up into his hands.

    Youre not alone, Sanguis. I’ve got your back, you don’t need to worry.
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    Neda fires off a quick blast of energy at the creepy man before turning her attention to her wounded companion and sealing up a few of his gashes.
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