Sock is running a campaign!

thoughts and prayers to your PCs

It will be happening in the Forgotten Realms, more info on that to come.

Please post your brief character info in here for everyone to see. I would prefer a balanced party, but if you all want to be tortle monks, then DO YOU FAM.

There are 5 in the party and I will be allowing up to lvl 3 as a character lvl.


  • Lvl 3 - Variant Human Ranger - Neutral Good alignment - Can speak orcish, common and elvish
  • I will be capping it at 5. I have 3 players in right now.

    Dawn, but not Dawn
    Pallando but not Pallando
    Brian but not Brian
  • Reynard, but not Reynard
  • "Inventory Room" is a hipster bar where they serve gin drinks in soupcans and you sign up for adventures
  • NedaNeda Monkeys
    My character is a halfling Warlock! She's chaotic good and has a celestial as her patron, which among other things means she actually has some restorative properties, which I think is pretty neat. She can speak common, halfling, celestial, and draconic.
  • DMDM Administrator
    Am I in?
  • I am in
  • Level 3 elf fighter with fey step and two weapon fighting. Champion.
  • Barkus Quack is in. I think that makes 6.

    DS - human ranger
    Brian - halfling warlock
    Jwill - elf fighter

    Let me know if I missed someone.

    Also, backstories have been worked out with DS and Brian. I'd like to sort out some background stuff with everyone before we start. DM me on discord with your ideas and any major character points
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    On it! Will have time a little bit later to do the permissions for you and then you can have highlighted posts too!
  • Sock (DM)Sock (DM) Monkeys (DM)
    Mittens - elf fighter
    DS - human ranger
    Brian - halfling warlock
    Jwill -
  • considering a kender rogue named don
  • Jwill is a half orc barbara
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