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  • Neda fires off a quick blast of energy at the creepy man before turning her attention to her wounded companion and sealing up a few of his gashes.
  • "The power of Lliira compels you!" Neda shouts joyfully as a flame comes down from the heavens, consuming the zombie in its radiant goodness.
  • "Must I kill everything around here?" Neda muses quietly. With a nonchalant snap of a finger, the remaining bugbear bursts into flames and collapses.
  • Neda cracks her knuckles before sending another ray of energy at the bugbear near Jystn.
  • Neda sees Jystn take damage and reaches out to assist him, but not before trying to blast the flayer to death. 10 to hit with disadvantage, 12 damage if it hits, 7 health restored for @Jystn
  • Neda, spotting its weakness, peeks out of her hiding spot and sends a blast of eldritch energy at the injured goblin. It screeches briefly, then collapses to the ground, unmoving.
  • "I told you," she said, gritting her teeth as she spun, "it's dangerous..." She focused eldritch energy between her hands. The pale yellow light around her that usually meant a heal was forthcoming looked more menacing than usual. "to go alone!" …
  • Neda wrote: » Neda blasts him with eldritch shit. 15 to hit, 13 damage
  • Neda blasts him with eldritch shit.
  • "Wait!" Neda calls out to the fleeing goblin. "It's dangerous to go alone! If you stay with us, we can work together and be safer!"
  • We got some creepy shit going on down here, you guys should come deal with it. Looks like a reanimated corpse. Neda relays the message to the party and suggests they go investigate.
  • Time for action! Beware of the trap! Goblins and some sort of flayer. You're gonna love what happened to the archer. "It's go time!"
  • Hold that thought. Stay back for now but be on alert. Neda relays the message to hold back.
  • (or actually hold that post until other shit resolves, sorry!)
  • You all need to come. Now. "Guys, they're in trouble! Let's get a move on!" Neda alerts the remaining group and runs to catch up to the scouting party.
  • Neda returns the money handed to her. "No big deal, bow guy! Just be careful moving forward!" She begins doing some stretches. "Looks like a beautiful day to rescue more mercenaries. Hogarth, you have any idea where your friends are?"
  • Neda wrote: » SockGM wrote: » Roll an investigation check Laz gets an 11. And Neda a 12.
  • SockGM wrote: » Roll an investigation check Laz gets an 11.
  • She wants an offering! What kind of offering? "What kind of offering do you require?"
  • SockGM wrote: » The ghostly form softens slightly at the respect given by the diminutive sprite. Roll a persuasion check Laz got 13
  • She sees Jystn dawdling about and calls out, "Hey! Try and help out Ruff, okay? He's in danger of dying, do whatever you can."
  • Neda winced severely at the high pitched scream, then began to panic slightly as most of her party members fell. ohmylliiraohmylliiraohmylliirahelphelphelp. She began to hyperventilate. Calm down Neda, and focus. You've dealt with worse befo…
  • Neda, tired of watching her newfound friends get injured, blasts the last vine to shreds.
  • Neda too tries to cull the vine that brought Ruff down with another blast.
  • Neda refocuses and sends another wave of eldritch energy to the vine constricting Sarippus.
  • Neda looks to the mercenary. "Not for nothing, man, but we could use some help over here if you can spare it! I've got a few weapons on me, take whatever you'd like and lend a hand!" (Persuasion: 11)
  • You wouldn't let me get strangled to death by vines, right?? Neda thought, slightly panicked, as she struggled. I don't know, this is kinda turning me on, babe. The usually calming voice (that the audience has yet to hear from) teased her. N…
  • Strength save: 4 Initiative: 17
  • "Hey big guy, let me see that shield!" Neda waves her arms dramatically, touches Kan's shield, and casts Light. "Muuuuch better!"
  • Rolled 18 on perception.