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  • So we're off then! Thank you Viansola - we shall return, at least most of us hopefully
  • Kan stands still rubbing his chin in thought.. Was the southern bell tower not where the banshee was when we were here last? If so, we must go there. We need answers!
  • I am Kan and what Proclus here says is true. Thank you for your wisdom - we will avoid the southern bell tower.
  • Hadn't seen anything until you just pointed it out. I'm wary of what you just said, Proclus.. There may be more.. But I have no fear we can take them on. As for anything to gift to the banshee - I don't have much of value other than a couple of g…
  • in hushed tones Kan speaks to the group How do we want to go about this?
  • Kan gathers his things and quickly follows after Proclus. You're not leaving without me, friend!
  • Kan sizes up the zombie in front of them and feels an overwhelming sense of disgust toward this nasty beast. He draws his sword and charges towards it slicing through the rotting flesh with ease.
  • Kan looks at Ruff inquisitively and says, “doesn’t your best bud X speak infernal?”
  • Kan takes a look around each of the dead bodies searching for any valuables or unique items. Starting with the flayer, then the bugbears, then the four goblins.
  • Kan sees the opportunity to finish off the last foe within sight. He draws his longsword with both hands and rushes the lone standing bugbear. As he gets close he raises his longsword over his head, but just as he goes to land the blow he trips ove…
  • Saunter up next to Jystn with my shield held high and my longsword at the ready, and attack the Flayer with my longsword - being inspired by Jystn’s rage Kan senses an additional feeling of energy and attacks the flayer yet again!
  • Kan readies his shield and makes sure to keep it between his person and the oncoming goblins at all times - he steps towards the goblin who just made a move at Sanguis and in one graceful move he slashes it with his longsword and then reverse somers…
  • Kan steps back into the room, just to the left of the opening up against the wall. He crouches, faces the tunnel opening with Neda right behind him. Readying his shield in front of him and putting his hand on the hilt of his sword, he readies hims…
  • Yes, Jystn, we are on the same page! Kan raises his longsword above his head with both hands and brings it down on the other bugbear's neck in an attempt to decapitate it.
  • Kan raises his longsword and with a scream he slices through the decayed flesh of the zombie, nearly taking one of its arms completely off.
  • Not wanting to on miss out on the action, Kan rushes into the cave to attack with his longsword the zombie Proclus and Jystn are attacking.
  • I am up for it! Do we want to have anyone stay watch at the cave opening, or all stick together?
  • Kan trying to hold back a laugh while he pokes a bit of fun at Ruff, "You were right, he is a little rough around the edges.. You're a virgin?! Never would've guessed. No matter.. but still. And your breath DOES smell like shit, X was righ…
  • With a look of compassion Kan simply responds, "Ruff..."
  • "Come on, Ruff! I know it's tough, but you need to put away past differences because I know he could help us out!"
  • Kan strikes up conversation with whoever will listen, but mostly just himself at the start, "So this goblin seems to be warning us about what's in this cave.. and it sounds like there may be dozens of them inside.. it sounds like a bad idea to go i…
  • After hearing the hooty hoo signal, Kan attempts to get Neda and Jystn to come with him - but they don't seem too interested, at least at this point. So Kan heads out by himself to follow in the direction that the others went, towards where he assu…
  • *Kan hearing then hooty hoo signal nudges Neda and Jystn* and asks them, should we make a move to follow the others? It sounds like they may be in need of help.
  • Are there any of us who want to go take a peek around to see what we're working with? I am not very sneaky, but think it would be best to get a lay of the land in case we need an exit strategy.
  • Jystn wrote: » Who were you all protecting on this night? We were all tasked with protecting the caravan, and were almost to our destination!
  • Overjoyed to be rid of those nasty vines and relieved the ghost elf accepted the group’s offering, Kan trots over to Hogarth and embraces him like a long lost brother. Having only known each other for a few weeks time, they hadn’t truly become close…
  • Cut through the vines and underbrush with my longsword to clear a path.
  • Loving the new shining light I've got on my arm, and making sure to wield my longsword with the other hand I head slowly down the steps making sure to check each stair in front of me for anything that looks out of place.
  • Proclus wrote: » Kan, are you willing for another blessing from Eldath? I am willing. How long do these blessings last?
  • Storm wrote: » We should sock on forwards to where the birds are circling ahead. Something is dead up there and we don't want to be around it at nightfall when the beasts come forth to eat it. Agreed, let's keep moving and check out what Laz sa…