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  • Thank you, Viansola. We have pursued this bell mystery from its bell beginning and shall pursue it all the way to its bell end.
  • Proclus gives the elf a subtle, respectful nod. Thank you for your welcome. And your warning. While in the necromancer's cave, we experienced several time disturbances, which decimated our numbers. So perhaps these "angry echoes of the past" are pr…
  • No, we are not goblins nor are we from a cave. We did, however just defeat some goblins and more, in a necromancer's cave not far from here. We entered the forest to rescue some mercenaries from Star Protective Services who were abducted, just outsi…
  • We are here to speak to the banshee. We mean you no harm.
  • I don't know. Maybe there are more of them that we haven't seen yet. Kan, Storm, what do you think?
  • Proclus freezes for a moment, then turns to the others and speaks in a low whisper. Do you see them? Several people, moving among the trees. There, around the base of the ruined tower.
  • I think we should be straightforward. One of us or all of us just go and speak to her. There was no violence until we took Hogarth from her vines. She did not attack us until Sarripus tried to steal her chalice. That chalice is where she accepts off…
  • Standing outside the cave entrance, Proclus kicks the ground where the guards' campfire once was. He is unsurprised to be alone with Strigiformes, though perhaps a little disappointed that literally half the party is long gone. But really, is that s…
  • Assured that the necromancer's cave now lays empty of worthless enemies and worthwhile items, Proclus walks out of the bedroom, through the barracks, back up the tunnel and out the southern passage, into the room where the Flayer fell. Impossible to…
  • Proclus has been guiding and assisting Storm's search of the bedroom, but now the party calls for a lootdraft! The spoils were not won in violence and were in fact rescued from evil, so Proclus feels free to participate. If the rightful owners can…
  • With a nod, Proclus accepts the rusted shortsword and mostly-broken shield from Sarripus. "For Eldath."
  • Proclus raises his eyes over Pringle's head just in time to see the ranger and his panther go leeroying down the passage. Strigiformes materializes from nowhere and knifes through the air, following them southward. Locking eyes again with Pringle …
  • "Pringle, we need to know now -- what is the meaning of the bell? What manner of necromancy takes place here? What is its purpose? Where did the necromancer vanish to? What made us rest for so long? What happened while we were asleep? Who is O…
  • Ruff wrote: » “This Oreioth guys seems like the one causing all this trouble. I’d be all for going after him if we are up for it. But you lot have done more than enough helping Kan and I retrieve our friends so perhaps we should aid you.” Ruff…
  • I searched the desk. It held 52 silver, which I shall hold for now. Necromancy always has its victims and reparations will undoubtedly be necessary.
  • A chill in the air, as the first month of winter passes.
  • The first week of a new year. A lingering moment, a forgotten universe. The first year of an eternal rest.
  • A chill in the air, as the first month of autumn passes.
  • Proclus peruses the bookshelves. Most of the books and titles are old and smudged, but he does recognize a few of them.
  • Proclus confers privately with Storm for a moment, then steps back and grants him a Blessing. Turning towards the open doorway, Procolus waves his hand -- Strigiformes swoops into the room and hovers over the desk in its middle. He sees nothing. …
  • Proclus looks around the cavern, taking a headcount of who remains.
  • There it is. Something on the wind again. It's unmistakable.
  • Perhaps he was mistaken, though everything can be soon if one is patient enough.
  • Proclus eases to his feet. He had to be thorough searching the dead human and healing the unconscious one, but now something has shifted. He can feel it. Something new on the wind. Things will be picking up soon, he suspects.
  • A month passes. Maybe the orc is deaf?
  • SockGM wrote: » The orc thanks you and departs toward the entryway of the cave. Whoa buddy, wrong way! Or are you too scared to stay and fight?
  • After him!! Or do we need to heal?
  • Oh no, you don't! Get back here. Proclus rushes from behind cages, looping around the grease and angling towards the door. He gets close, but not all the way -- his progress slowed considerably by his furious gesturing while running with a stil…
  • Proclus watches as the man struggles to stand, uses his wand, then keels over flat again. It's almost comical. Why doesn't he just move from that spot? It's just going to keep happening again and again. Proclus blinks his eyes as his head swiv…
  • This doesn't really seem to be a good time to try playing lawyer with the rules of non-violence. Clearly, this smug man is not only responsible for the abominations assaulting the party, but he seems to have zero inclination towards any peaceable c…