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  • I am want to listen to the elves. But as you have helped Kan and I on our quest I shall help with yours.
  • Well boys. If there’s anything I know about this crowd. It’s that we are heading straight to the southern bell tower.
  • Should we call to them?
  • Following behind Ruff asks, “Should we go to Darromar?”
  • Ruff takes the clothing that was found and puts it in his bag. Perhaps this will be useful. Besides. He would never take a wand. The last thing he needed was a more visible reminder that he was an outcast. Weapons aren’t that helpful when you can …
  • Ruff enters the room and walks around inspecting the barracks, but more reminiscing. “I haven’t been in a room like this in a long time. My father was a great military man.” He brushes his hands over a bed. “As a young boy I’d visit him. Th…
  • “This Oreioth guys seems like the one causing all this trouble. I’d be all for going after him if we are up for it. But you lot have done more than enough helping Kan and I retrieve our friends so perhaps we should aid you.” Ruff nods to Kan.
  • Ruff grabs Benton and hugs him with exuberance then pulls him away and looks him in the eye. “Benton, my brother, you know KAN and I wouldn’t leave you guys out to dry.” He motions to the group. “We hired a crew to help. They helped out a l…
  • Ruff notices Kan is in bad shape. And they are surrounded. He turns to his left and decides to blast his way out. And he won’t need X for this next trick. This he has known how to do since he was a kid. And he was good at it. He clenches his fist…
  • Ruff locks eyes with X. X let's out a guilty smile and shrugs. Energy fills Ruff's right hand and extends up his elbow before he thrusts it angrily at the Bugbear X is standing on. The energy wraps around the bugbear and X...and then freezes. Th…
  • Ruff looks at the gruesome scene before him when suddenly he hears a stumbling behind him. He turns quickly to see the blinded, stumbling goblin feeling around in the air. He tilts his head slightly to the side in curiosity. He squats down and …
  • Ruff takes his place aside Kan with a nod. He pulls back the sides of his robe as if he is a gunslinger about to enter a duel.
  • Then I say we tie these two up and continue on north. If those rocks in the first room are any indication, we might not have much time to rescue these guys.
  • Well, I guess X is good for something after all. Where do you hear the shuffling?
  • Ruff walks over and peers down the hallway headed North to see if he can see anything.
  • Ruff follows with Proc into the cave with his head moving form side to side, looking into every crevice for the mischievous X.
  • Ruff puts his hand on Proclus' shoulder as he passes by and into the cave.
  • Ruff kneels down by the other goblin. "What do you say? Want to help us punish those who kept you in such conditions?"
  • Ruff stands up. Shakes his head and joins the others at the mouth of the cave. “X found a bugbear patrol and was able to take them out via a rock slide. He then cut communication with me.”
  • Smell
  • X checks to see if he's alive.
  • Ruff growls heavily and swings his fists wildly into the air while spinning around throwing punches. He stops and looks at Kan. "You know I hate you, right?" He pulls the hood up over his head, lowering his head, and closing his eyes. He beg…
  • Ruff stops in his tracks and whips around quickly. "You don't understand. He is literally the worst."
  • Ruff's eyes get very large as he looks at Kan. "No. Not a chance." Ruff begins to walk away from the group.
  • Ruff plays with the gold coin in his hand. "Thank you Sari. I know you meant no harm, but I appreciate the gesture." He then hands the gold coin back to Sarippus with a pat on the shoulder. He walks over to Jystn. "I know you made a sacrifi…
  • Ruff - Today at 3:12 PM STR (Roll: 1d20) RPBotBOT - Today at 3:12 PM @Ruff rolled 15. Ruff - Today at 3:13 PM Initiative (Roll: 1d20 + 1) RPBotBOT - Today at 3:13 PM @Ruff rolled 17. (16, 1)
  • "What happened? Where is everyone else?"
  • I push my hands into the lump of vines.
  • Ruff ventures forth towards the birds with the group in tow. Storm in the rear.